Why Do Not More People Invest In Property


Why Do Not More People Invest In Property


Investing in property is considered to be one of the most lucrative types of investing that exists. It seems like everybody should be doing it, but unfortunately most of people don’t. Some people never start, some start and never really take off and some people stop on the way to financial freedom and abundance. What are the factors that stop people from investing, creating additional source of income for their families and having a better future? Here are the most common reasons (or excuses I should say) why people do not take the action:

  1. Money - most people think that in order to make money you must have money, that is why they never start investing. In fact it is a complete opposite - the less money of your own you have and invest, the bigger the leverage and return on investment. As an entrepreneur you must be able to raise capital for your investments, businesses and any other ventures, and by doing it you will start attracting the deals immediately. There are also some strategies that will allow you to purchase a property without money at all, so money should never be an excuse.
  2. Fear - the acronym of word ‘fear’ is ‘false evidence appearing real’. What that means is that fear is a projection that something in the future will not go the way we would want it to go. But we do not know the future, so fear is only in our mind. Unfortunately, it sops so many people from succeeding not only in property investing, but in life in general. People are afraid to take action, to talk to other people, afraid of failure, rejection, humiliation - these are most common types of fear that exist in people’s head. Everybody has a fear of something, however successful investors do not let fear stop them, they are aware of it and take action anyway.
  3. Education (lack of education) - people would love to invest in properties but they do not know how to do it and where to look for support and assistance. Nowadays there are plenty of education companies that offer seminars, courses, webinars, CDs, DVDs, books, coaching and mentoring programs, so this shouldn’t be an excuse. Everyone can chose the type of learning that suits one the best and learn from successful investors, who have years of experience and who have done it in the past. It is much easier that doing it on your own.
  4. Time - in today’s world everybody is busy - work, kids, shopping, family, gym etc., that they struggle to find time for investing. However, everybody has the same amount of time, everybody has only 24 hours, including successful property investors, who find a way to find time for investing. It is because successful people create time for things that are important for them and prioritize their tasks. If you consider investing in property important, you will create time to do it and will not let anything distract or discourage you.
  5. Impatience - many people consider property as a short term game. They put their finger in and if they do not see immediate results they give up. Like in any type of business, in property  you need to be patient, persistent, work according to the plan and results will follow. Again, the only person that can stop you from being successful is you, only if you allow it to.

No matter what the reason or excuse is, the best way to deal with it, is to take action. Taking action creates momentum, that doesn’t allow your mind to think too much, take over and take you out of the game, so whenever you think that you can’t, have no money to invest or have no time for it - just take next, little step forward.


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